Whole Body Work

Lynda has been deeply involved in whole body health since 2005. She took a huge leap of heart faith, and followed her passion for health. Initially she studied massage therapy and specialised in Sports, Deep tissue, trigger point release, functional massage therapy.

Within 6 months Lynda was fully booked and it was obvious she had a natural feel for the RIGHT depth and pressure on the body to release and change pain and tension. Her clients were very happy, and by word of mouth her practice as mentioned was full within 6 months. Further to that, because Lynda felt there was a deeper place to go to to support her clients into optimal “Whole Body Health”, she went on to study Personal Life Coaching, Reflexology, Energy healing, taking a significant journey into Shamanism, and still now Lynda studies energy healing, consciousness, Heart Brain Coherence and more. Nutrition became Lynda’s next focus taking her healing practice to another level.

Juice4Joy and Soup4Soul were born. Lynda for the past 9 years has been successfully supporting her clients with sincere WHOLE BODY HEALTH from the inside out. Knowledgable and willing to share, Lynda is making significant shifts in her journey with clients. Establishing them into an empowered accountable relationship with their own health and vitality.

Now 20 years down the line, Lynda still sees some of her earlier clients still! Her practice reduced in size “organically” if that might be the right word, as a result of her clients choosing to leave the country.

Lynda took the decision to fill that space with a corporate position, in ergonomics which complimeted her passion for “Whole Body Health”.

She enjoyed 5 years plus in this industry and as a result of covid finds herself fully invested into her own company again Evolved Mind and Body Worx (Pty) Lynda looks forward to attracting into her practice NOW, a current client, leaning favourably toward treating more woman, as energetically Lynda feels that with her experience via study and practice she has much to offer and share around feminine empowerment, and heart centred whole body health and living, that will make a significant difference in the lives of the woman or people drawn to work with Lynda.

Lynda when appropriate compliments her massage therapy sessions with “Conversation therapy”, a sharing between client and therapist that is of substance and relevant to the current state of the clients life. This Investigation through conversation offers opportunities within the discomfort to shift old stuck and limiting perceptions, conditioning and beliefs. This process has quite a magnificent impact in opening up the energy and heart of the person willing to take the journey.

Lynda is not really partial to working ad hoc with clients. The now and then treatment is actually a waste of my time and also your money. The body as a “whole being” responds best in rhythms and with routine (commitment to the process). It is the rhythm routine that got you to now (be it a negative or unhealthy one), as it will be the commitment to a NEW rhythm and routine that will get you to your next desired space, place, reality and more. Choose you rhythms and routines wisely, consciously with an intention related to how you want to feel and be in your world.

I once heard this and it left quite an impact. 
"There is a big difference between interested and committed!"
Interested people will always be interested however never commit,
Committed people will take action and commit and succeed."

The body holds everything within it…on a deep cellular level. So between the expression and then the action of mobilising out of the body through firm deep massage, you shift, release emotional charge, and can reshape the attitude of the cellular memory, leaving relief in its place.

If you would like to know more about this powerful healing process, please contact Lynda and get acquainted, and the best way is to experience the experience of the full body session, and then decide.