Whole Body Worx

Welcome to Whole Body Worx, and this is exactly what we offer a Whole Body Solution to health and vitality. We are about prevention of illness and injury rather than cure.

We are so excited to open this website to you and populate it with valuable information and encouragement to show up for your wellbeing and invest in your self-care.

There is nothing like experienced confident hands on treatment of the full body, by a therapist who is qualified and intuitive regarding the body and how it moves, and stores stress and toxicity, enabling the efficient flushing and mobilising, freeing your body to be available to you to enjoy the lifestyle you want to participate in.

Lynda has been effectively treating her clients with deep tissue, sports and functional massage for 20 years. Some of Lynda’s clients are still seeing her and tend to come back even after long breaks, because the remember the results that they were enjoying when they were seeing her regularly.

It is about regular treatment, ideally to begin with weekly until the body accepts the treatment and starts to respond, this can take up to 4 treatments. We then encourage a bi-weekly treatment routine which is quite efficient and supports a healthy recovery rhythm for the whole body.

Lynda believes in treating the “Whole Body” so you will not find her encouraging just a leg treatment or just a back treatment. The body is connected from under the feet (and toes) all the way to the top of the head. To get the flow and flexibility and results you must treat the “Whole Body”.

Lynda only does a maximum of 3 treatments per day, 5 days per week, she truly believes that to do more than that is not healthy, and interferes with a therapist ability to deliver a thorough high quality treatment. So please do book in advance and consider a regular slot. This also allows Lynda to build a relationship with you that will support long term results.

info@wholebodyworx.co.za (or lyndastanton@me.com) Whatsapp ‘0824985478

The Whole Body Worx treatment studio is situated in Linden Randburg.