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Lynda started her career in the wellness industry 20 years ago, qualifying as a deep tissue, functional massage therapist. Lynda’s private practice was fully booked within 6 months.

Having an exceptional skill with deep tissue target therapy, she was able to get incredible results for her clients fairly quick. Lynda chose to study deeply to support Mind Body Soul healing through deep firm touch and flushing as well as conversation therapy.

Did you know that it is exceptionally important and powerful to have regular sincere and transparent conversation, and even more if it is coupled with “touch with integrity and intention to heal”.

As you have the conversation and your body is being massaged, deep on a cellular level information is being mobilised and flushed, through deep intuitive touch.

Here you can express stuff and not be concerned about hurting anyone. That is the quality of space you need and will get here with Life Coach Lynda. This confidential professional space is priceless and has supported many amazing transformations mind body and soul for her clients.

Lynda recommends a once per week routine for the first 4 treatments to get the body open to her technique, post that and trusting the body has responded as expected, a 2 week routine is very efficient and optimal to support general wellbeing, posture and lifestyle impact as well as energy management and flow. As a minimum once per month is encouraged.

To book with Lynda please contact her 082 498 5478 or email ( An initial contact and conversation is important to Lynda, she will not confirm an appointment without this.

Self Care is your own responsibility!